Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Man Crossing

While Watching RHOC ( Real Housewives Orange County) ... I caught Vicki Correcting one of her male employees on crossing his legs like a Woman.....THANK GOD... Thought I was the only woman who finds this VERY unattractive (to Be Nice) ....
Above I have the Unsexy examples.... J.T and Obama....  To make it Plain... Men you have a Di*#K Down.. there ...Let it Breath like this Hot Man  >>>>

Friday, March 18, 2011

Make It Pretty

Tonight I used my Friday to re-do my Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, youtube and Blog.
Its been a Loooong time since I added some new personality to my social networks. I would like to thank for all the great templates and Themes ..... For all you retro, girlie, vintage, funky and radiant ladies... This site has everything you desire...... The themes are Vibrant and unique with so much to choose from... Dress up your profiles today and let your creativity SHINE.


Check out my NEW designs:

For the Love of Food

Since leaving my job...inbetween time I am Dedicated to learning how to cook 3 new things.....this is so important in order to save money..and have a heathier diet.
Today I cooked one of my favorites Cajun Pasta with Chicken and Sauage ....I love food with lots of flavor and it turned out wonderful.... even my family ate some too. The fresh veggies inculded - garlic -tomatoes - onions - yellow & red peppers and garnished with - green onions

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not For My Money $$$$

Today I took a Trip to my "special" female Doctor .. lol ...My appt was at 1:45pm.. and I arrived early... I was finally called at 2:00pm to the back... and put in the lil room... By the time 3:30 rolled around.. I WAS SOOO DONE!!! Your Doctors office is a service definition:: an act of helpful activity; help; aid:                          to do someone service.
After almost 2 hours... I refused to wait any longer.....I went to my Money Back... and the lady at the desk even asked if i wanted to fill out a complaint... ( thank God for some service)...Obsessive wait time at the doctors office a sure sign of low quality of care....and will be hell when coming back for follow up appointments.. STAND UP for QUALITY Service!!! 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Look Good Fashion Entry

New Full Figure Fashion!! This ensemble was inspired by all my followed Fashion Bloggers... Put together a summer dress with tights, boots and a Blazer and was set for some errands around Chicago

Shake it Off

I have been off the Healthy Living Wagon for a Minute but this new one from Aubrey O'Day.. Had me shaking off the Stress and Pounds... One Song repeat at a Time....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mirrors Make the Look!

Today I morn the lost of my Makeup Mirror... that broke a few weeks ago...Which got me thinking that Mirrors are a Huge part of Looking Good before you leave the house. I have a Vanity Mirror for a closeup look at my makeup and hair... The Makeup Mirror to Amplify when doing eyeshadow, liner ect. and The Ohh so Important Full length Mirror that shows how the whole outfit looks with Hair, makeup and Accessories.  .. a small compact mirror is not enough to put your best foot forward before leaving the House.. The RIGHT mirrors are a Must!!... AMEN!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nude Shoes for all Shades of the Chocolate Rainbow

I love Fashion Vlogging Blogging and Gawking ... but I Adore coming across a trend customized for the Black Woman.... TREND: Nude Shoes... and here are some examples to make your chocolate legs look slimmer.. Longer and Sexier

Its All about ....Ms. O' Day

While Watching the Big "O" .... and NOT the new Oprah Channel.. but Oxygen... Ive been really excited about " All About Aubrey"..Most of us know her from the Hit Girl Group Danity Kane... As the Blonde Bombshell with a Great Voice and Hot Dance moves. Ms O'Day IS BACK... which I'm so we've seen in the media....most young talented girls with no purpose always end up naked all over the TV, magazines and print... Like unfortunately Aubrey dabbled in a bit. 


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