Friday, March 9, 2012

Weight Loss Journey: First 49lb Down ! Goals & Plan

Hey Everyone 

I decided that after 8 months that I would start sharing my weight loss journey. Weight is a Sensitive subject for me, but I know that it is only God's Grace and help from my Family & Friends that got me here and I want to be a light to others who deal with obesity and self image issues.  
Below is my First video in the Vlog series about: GOALS AND PLANS.
 I started my WLJ ( weight loss journey ) at 307 lbs and today I am 258 on 3/8/12. I have lost a total of 49lbs. and want to achieve my healthy BMI of 150lbs. I am 5'5 and have been over weight MY WHOLE LIFE. This is a MIND, BODY and SOUL journey that will take so many tools and support to reach my 157lb loss. Currently I am working towards 10lbs per month. 

live, Learn, LOVE

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  1. Hello my name is monique and I am sooo glad your sharing your journey with us Lindsay. I to have struggled with my weight my whole life and still am. It's just so hard I do not know where to start. What's been working for you?



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