Thursday, May 31, 2012

Custom Stiletto Nails by Spifster

Finally  I have my Dream Nails done by  Tacarra   Sutton AKA Spifster
I Love the New Stiletto Shape meaning Pointy like a heal... They accentuate my style! 
I got a Full Set and Sort Spif which mean 3-4 different designs per hand. You can book an appointment with Spifster  on StyleSeat  This definitely is a specialty services doubling my normal nail budget from  $16.00 to $45.00 each appointment. But I will more than likely stay with her through the summer. She does have some cheaper and More expensive rates depending on what you want. 

These are my Nails Freshly Done after the Appointment 
 My Nails 7 Days Later ....close up shots of the  designs 

Unfortunately I suffered Lifted acrylic which then popped off the entire Nails after only 3 days. But Spifster Quickly respond to my email and fixed the nail for Free after I explained that it didn't break but was not bonded down to the nail bed. So I will see how long they last throughout the 2nd week and decided about my next appointment 
UPDATE: Unfortunately within the next week, I suffered 2 more lifted nails and another popped off. I did not get my nails done again my Spifster due to this problem. The nails popped off like press ons. I still love the designs and would go back again for that service only after a fresh set/ fill in from another Salon.
live Learn LOVE

Lindsey *~

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  1. damn that sucks! They were pretty while they lasted though. Thats one thing that does suck with any sort of articifial nail is that when/if they do lift or break it if you are a busy person (which I know you are) it is annoying getting into a salon to get the service repaired especially if its a stylized service ugh!!
    thanks for the review :)



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