Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bobbi Boss hair extensions Pictorial and Update

Hey loves,

I got a request to show off my hair extensions from Bobbi boss. I purchased them off ebay.com and got 3 packs of hair for around $250.00. This hair is pricey because of its longevity and quality. I really like this hair I have wore hair extensions A.K.A WEAVE since I was 15 and this has to be my favorite beauty supply brand thus far.

The Positives ( +)
- The hair has a high luster look which keeps it looking healthier and thicker
- The hair has great flow and movement to it
- The yaki texture gives the hair a realist look and feel
- The 16, 14, 12 inches lengths. I love wearing long hair and the different inches create layers without cutting.
- Holds a great curl and it will last throughout the day
- bounces back, looking better after being washed and it becomes softer
- needs no product to keep the shine

The Negatives ( -)
- Tangles, it needs to be brushed a few time a day and especially at night
- It Sheds, meaning hair falls out when being brushed which  thins the hair and creates a mess on the floor
- The hair is best maintained when it is kept just straight, when curls or waves are styled into the hair it gets even more tangled.

So over all I love the hair and think it was a great purchase, I will be removing the extensions in another 4 weeks to give my hair a break. I will be purchasing/ reviewing  Virgin hair next, which will give me a better outlook on Remy hair vs. Virgin Hair.

njoy the pictures.

live, Learn, LOVE


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