Monday, February 13, 2012

Marvelous Life n Christ

Hey Everyone I am so excited to premier to you Marvelous life: Christian apparel for Women and Girls. Shani the designer sent me some items for review and I love them. Added bonus: They come in PLUS SIZES!! I love all the designs, brights colors and girlie accents. She also sells buttons and posters on her website. I am always so proud to showcase my Love for Christ through Marvelous Life apparel and have the chance to minister to someone. Marvelous Life is holding a Contest in which 2 wonderful people will win: one T-shirt, buttons and a poster. Watch the video in this post for all the rules and details. This is a business you want to support, think of all the women and especially Teens that need positive Christ Centered influence in their lives.

live, learn, LOVE, 


Marvelolus Life Promise:
I promise to:
Love God and His ways.
Encourage peace, rather than conflict.
Love instead of hate.
Strength and not weakness.
Hope and not despair.
Faith in God and not in this world.

Marvelous Life is about encouraging values and morality in girls and young women through apparel, print and other items. ❤ 

Contest Video:

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