Thursday, February 23, 2012

H&M+... Where is the FASHION !

Hey Blogger Followers!

I am posting today about my disappointing Joy in the newly re-launched H&M+. I am a huge lover of H&M but can only fit their Accessories and 
Lo and behold ..I was elated to hear that they launched their former BIB plus size line the new H&M+ in the U.S, in very few selected stores. Thankfully the Michigan Ave store here in Chicago carries the line.
          I went in the store EXPECTING to find FAB High End Replicas, Bright, Bold, Edgy, Colorful looks for my Shape & Size. But to my disappointment NONE of that was found. 
The line was very, very small consisting of maybe 20 pieces.. with about 2 items with color. The rest were all Black, White, Cream and  Grey. 
WTH! Where is the COLOR, shapes and Embellishments... WHERE IS THE FASHION!!!! 

Below are some of the items featured on the website. 

I will be  Prayerful that H&M+ will extended their line, seeing as Plus size women spent $17.5 billion in sales in the 12 months ending in April 2011.... Until then I may pick up a Black or Cream Blazer for my Wardrobe and keep it Pushin.

live, Learn, LOVE 



  1. Wow, that's pretty disappointing. Doesn't make me want to jump up, run out and shop!

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