Saturday, November 12, 2011

Maintaining extensions: Sealing the Weft

If you didn't know I am a LOVER of all things HAIR!! Natural Hair, extensions,virgin hair, wigs, lace fronts and installation techniques. Today I'm showing my new hair extensions from Bobbi Boss: Indi Remi Natural Yaki. I purchased 3 packs of this hair in 12, 14  and 16 inches long. Bobbi Boss is premium hair, right below virgin hair. Just like real hair, extensions will shed and loose strands during washing, styling and combing. The weft is the material that keeps the strands of hair sewn together. Sealing Wefts is important to keep the hair from excessive shedding. I'm using a weft sealer from It sells for about $10.00 per 1oz bottle and I used about 1 1/2 bottles. There are some cheaper alternatives such a Fray Block and Fray Check that can be purchased from a local craft store and Walmart. 
Bobbi Boss premium hair retails around $100 and Up, per pack. The Longer the hair the more it will cost. I purchased mine off and got a great deal. Also check out for all Remy hair deals. 

  Tools needed are: Old Towel, Brush or Comb, Weft Sealer... patience and time. 

To seal your Wefts, lay the extensions over a old towel. Paint the weft sealer ONLY onto the weft. Be very careful not to get any on the hair, as this will cause tangles. Let each section dry and move to the next. Then Flip the extensions over and repeat. This was a slightly long and tedious process but its worth it to keep your extensions looking full and luscious. 

I love this weft Sealer because it did not leave a thick, white or caked film on the weft . They still are thin and smooth and ready for my installation. 
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  1. I want to see the results!!!!

    The last time I used extentions like that, I lost inches I could not afford to loose. Dying for hair growth tricks.


  2. Hi Lindsey, I'm a new follower and I subscribed to your videos. I am natural and loved following your journey. I was wondering if you will make anymore natural hair tips and updates on your length, or did you relax your hair again? Thanks for keeping us posted, best of luck and keep up the good job. (I enjoy your clothing videos as well)
    Oh side note: Do you date, and any tips for curvy single natural ladies trying out the dating scene? -- Hard for me...5 years and single...Happy Holidays! (^_^)!



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